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Download The Canal 2014 Movie

Director: Ivan Kavanagh Stars: Rupert Evans, Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Hannah Releasing Date:   10 October 2014 (USA) Plot: David actually has everything to be happy ,a loving wife, a bright young and a fulfilling job. The latter provides the regulated life upside down, because by working as a film archivist him comes a roll of film […]

Download The Appearing 2014 HD Rip

Director: Daric Gates Stars: Don Swayze, Will Wallace, Wolfgang Bodison, Abigail Cooper Releasing Date: 25 March 2014 (USA) Plot: After losing their daughter, Rachel and her husband, the police officer Michael from the city moved to a small remote backwater. In the hope of being able to make a quieter job here, Michael takes his place at the local sheriff’s office. […]

Download The Maze Runner 2014 DVD Rip

Director: Wes Ball Stars: Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Kaya Scodelario, Alexander Flores, Don McManus Releasing Date: 19 September 2014 (USA) Plot: Thomas when it arrives in a community of young people who live in the center of a labyrinth. Like Thomas, no one remembers anything about his past or know why they are there and for years they try to decipher the maze […]

Download Find Me 2014 HD Rip

Director: Andy Palmer Stars: Rachelle Dimaria, Roniit Alkayam, Cameron Bender Releasing Date: 1 September 2014 (USA) Plot: A newlywed couple moves into a small cottage. Soon the couple realizes strange events which were not noticed by the realtor who sold it. What begins as an unusual series of paranormal events, will be transformed into acts of violence, which left them at […]

Download Frank 2014 HD Rip Movie

Director: Lenny Abrahamson Stars: Phil Kingston, Scoot McNairy, Carla Azar and Michael James Ford Releasing Date: 9 May 2014 (UK) Plot: Jon has great spirit in music and want to become a famous musician. He is a true music lover. His life goes change when he meets with Soronprfbs band. Cheba is her friend and she is a pregnant. Jon is staying too […]