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Download Camp X-Ray 2014 Full Movie

Director: Peter Sattler Stars: Kristen Stewart, Peyman Moaadi, Lane Garrison Releasing Date: 17 October 2014 (USA) Plot: The idealistic young soldier Amy Cole is at service in high-security facility at Guantanamo on. Although interned for eight years Arabs Ali they first pelted with feces and “Blondie” scolds, Amy developed compassion. A friendship is formed, for which they harassed her […]

Download The Patrol 2014 Online Movie

Director: Tom Petch Stars: Owain Arthur, Nicholas Beveney and Daniel Fraser Releasing Date: 7 February 2014 Plot: This is a story of small British Army who are in Afghanistan. The new leader of this team is Captain William who is over extended and he is full of tension and under stress regarding their soldiers. The name of this operation […]

Download Forbidden Ground 2013 Movie

Director: Johan Earl and Adrian Powers Writer:  Johan Earl and Adrian Powers Stars:   Johan Earl, Tim Pocock and Martin Copping Plot: This is war based Hollywood movie. Johan Earl and Adrian Powers directed this film. Story of this movie was also written by them. World War I, France, 1916. When an allied charge on the In German collections goes terribly wrong, Sergeant Major Arthur […]

Download Bless Me Ultima 2013 Free Movie

Director: Carl Franklin Stars:  Luke Ganalon, Joseph A. Garcia and Miriam Colon Releasing Date: 22 February 2013 Download Bless Me Ultima 2013 Free Movie: This is war and drama based Hollywood movie. Movie indicate a lifestyle that has mostly disappeared but whose impact is still sensed in the United states South west, in the remains of the religious and irrational customs […]

Download Battlefield Death Tales 2012 Free Movie

Director: James Eaves and Pat Higgins Stars: Lara Lemon, Jess-Luisa Flynn and Cy Henty Releasing Date: 13 August 2012 Plot: This is horror and war base Hollywood movie. Finally, Pat Higgins provides up Demons of the Overwhelm, a tale that is very Physician Who-esque in its idea and featuring Jess Luisa-Flynn as a lady trying to protect her close relatives from both Nazi bombers […]