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Director: Steve Stone

Stars: Dervla Kirwan, Charlotte Riley, Branko Tomovic

Releasing Date: 11 June 2013

Plot:1998: 34 unidentified dead bodies were found in graves in a far away forest region of Siberia. Police investigated about them but no official explanation was provided by Russian authorities for all these deaths. The case was closed 3 years later.In 2010, A  team of a English TV go to the forest  of Russia. They work for a TV show named “Dakest Secrets” that  revisits the sites of unsolved crimes. For this purpose they hire an psychic who has extraordinary abilities that can shed new light on old mystery. The last report about  them to the production office in UK, said that they were reaching out to  region of Siberia, where the dead bodies were found. No more was heard about them after thisEntity is story about them.Download free movies link Entity 2013 DVD RIP for  by browsing our site’s Horror section.Download Entity 2013 DVD RIP Free Movie with fast downloading speed.The British production entity ensures soon for even more supplies in terms of Found Footage Horror. The ghost film with the Irish actress Dervla Kirwan ( Ondine ), the Brit Charlotte Riley ( World Without End ) and the German actor Branko Tomovic ( Pope Joan ) in the lead roles could be completed and provided with a matching trailer in the meantime, we now flaunt the Appendix. The film, produced by Rob Speranza will first premiere at a horror festival before it hits theaters. 1998: 34 unidentified people were found in a remote Siberian forest. Despite the subsequent police investigation, there was never an explanation of the Russian authorities for these deaths. The case was closed three years later.

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