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Download Unfinished Business 2015 Movie

Dan Trunkman, the hard-working owner of a small shop and his two co-owners travel to Europe to complete the main business of their lives. But what starts out as a routine business trip, gets into every imaginable and unimaginable way out of joint, including an unplanned participation in a fetish-event and a global economic conference. Now […]

Download I Survived a Zombie Holocaust 2014 Movie

Director: Guy Pigden Stars: Harley Neville, Jocelyn Christian, Ben Baker Releasing Date: 2015 (Germany) Plot: The New Zealand Party strips “I survived a Zombie Holocaust” starts furiously, three figures sneak this at the start through the underwood. Proof against the camera hurrying schemes indicate that the three are in close danger. You reach a barn […]

Download Charlie's Farm 2014 Movie

Download Charlie’s Farm 2014 Movie

Director: Chris Sun Stars: Tara Reid, Nathan Jones, Kane Hodder Releasing Date: 4 December 2014 (Australia) Plot: In an attempt to do one thing totally different, four friends head into Australia’s outback to explore Charlie’s Farm, the positioning wherever a violent family met their end at the hands of an angry mob. Despite all warnings, […]

Download Posthumous 2014 Movie

Download Posthumous 2014 Movie

Director: Lulu Wang Stars: Jack Huston, Alexander Fehling, Brit Marling Releasing Date: 16 October 2014 (Germany) Plot: The American Lulu Wang, which so far has emerged only with short films, turned the international production in its screenplay with high-caliber American-French-German occupation in autumn 2012. The venue is Berlin and the city is next to the charming […]

Download Berkshire County 2014 Movie

Download Berkshire County 2014 Movie

Director: Audrey Cummings Stars: Alysa King, Samora Smallwood, Bart Rochon Releasing Date: 5 October 2014 (USA) Plot: Kylie has made the mistake of her classmate Marcus to blow at a party in the kitchen one. Who has filmed the whole thing with his cell phone, even from the outside has anyone aim with the camera. Clear […]