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Director: Sherry Hormann

Stars:   Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Thure Lindhardt and Amelia Pidgeon

Releasing Date: 28 February 2013

Plot: About the cruel childhood of the kidnap victim Natascha Kampusch has experienced more than enough since her escape in 2006, because so awful these experiences during her nearly nine years of captivity were for this also, as were those in the media, not by the Press, but by their cannibalized itself in all its forms. In addition to numerous interviews and the corresponding biography now still follows the cinematic treatment that would not have done not with the best intentions. Vienna in 1998, on 2 March is the only 10-year-old Natascha Kampusch kidnapped on the way from her parents’ home to school by an unknown man in a white van. Download 3096 Days 2013 Free Movie without register.  3096 Days Movie Download Free with good audio and video quality. Said man poses soon as the unemployed radio technician Wolfgang Priklopil out of the little girl hiding in a small room underneath developed his basement. While the police investigates various clues inconclusive, it has Proklopil not apart on a ransom, because he wants the girl possess only. For the next eight and a half years Natasha sitting locked up in the cellar, can occasionally see the light of day and even go with her captor on a skiing holiday, until her final escape in 2006 to succeed. When Natasha Kampusch after nearly eight and a half years, managed to escape her tormentor, most people already thought she was dead, more surprised were the parents, especially the public, when it turned out that they continued to reside only a few streets over many years.


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