Download Dark Touch 2013 Movie Online

Director:  Marina de Van

Stars: Clare Barrett, Padraic Delaney and Robert Donnelly

Releasing Date: 18 April 2013

Download Dark Touch 2013 Movie Online: Niamh is a self-introspective girl who always creates trouble and also from time to time by ausbüchst at home. The parents are desperate and have me to do her second, much smaller child already enough. When does the house after an argument suddenly self and objects and furniture are brought to life as if by magic, to Niamh on the entire family is killed. Declared the girl in shock, what happened, and is temporarily at the neighbors housed. But Niamh trauma suggests over on the new family. Strange things happen and Lisbeth, the foster mother, is haunted by an intolerable tinnitus that occurs only in conjunction with Niamh. Download Dark Touch 2013 Movie Online without fill any sign up form also Download free full movies without any membership account. The behavior of Niamh is always strange. In the night she sneaks out of the house and watched other children. Only the friendly teacher Tanya is a wire for troubled girls and slowly finds out that the trauma Niamh much further recourse to the past.  As a writer and director of three production countries Dark Touch is now trying to make one more time stir the 42-year-old Frenchwoman. To combine the interesting idea, grief and loss coping with the highly topical and controversial subject of child abuse and slowly and bit by bit to decrypt this in the scavenger hunt scenario may initially be captivating, but with longer playing time to de van catches more and more questionable and illogical decisions and can end the film with many hesitations. In the title role shines still quite inexperienced Missy Keating, daughter of the famous singer Ronan Keating. It embodies the traumatized and frightened girl Niamh with a frightening authenticity and remembered by her careful play between at Carrie.

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