Download Getaway 2013 Movie Online

Director: Courtney Solomon

Stars: Ethan Hawke, Selena Gomez and Jon Voight

Releasing Date:  30 August 2013

Plot: The wife of a former racer, Brent Magna has been kidnapped. Her captor asked to steal a car with powerful cameras and do whatever he orders; otherwise his wife will be killed. The film is quite unintentionally comic. Several elements make no sense. How the car can run it for hours without needing to stop for gas? Download Getaway 2013 Movie Online without create any premium account. Download free movies online from secure internet connections without register. Whence all its explosions and collisions between cars that seems to come out of nowhere? How can we explain the electrical current that runs through the city a few minutes after the power plant exploded and plunged the city into darkness? The character of Brent a funny way of thinking. Obviously he wants to save his wife, but to do so; he puts the lives of pedestrians, motorists and police officers in danger. With numerous collisions and explosions, it is impossible that no one is dead. Selena Gomez has no credibility in the role of a hacker.


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