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Director:  Franck Khalfoun

Stars: Elijah Wood, America Olivo and Nora Arnezeder

Releasing Date: 2 January 2013

Plot: Maniac is a new released Horror, Crime and Thriller movie. The releasing date of this film in France is 2 January 2013. The IMDb rating of this film is 6.6 out of 10. The director of this film is Franck Khalfoun. The story of this film is written by Gregory Levasseur and Alexandre Aja.  It is featuring Nora Arnezeder, America Olivo and Elijah Wood. Download Maniac 2013 Free Movie with high quality prints. You can download movies for free without create any membership account. You can download new movies from our website within few minutes with very fast downloading speed. The pure horror, as where it is most filthiest, the most hopeless is to see the face, for every human being, that every being with compassion undoubtedly damn hard. Like, imagine now times before, but that would only would force a now a film with all hardness to be seen directly from such a face out? No, worse, force a while then also be seen in the mirror. A film so that, free us of David Claims forces on the side of the scorpions. Full of razor-sharp spikes and blades is that immediately begin to flay us formally and impose a new, enganliegendere. Damn, what Frank Khalfoun has brought the help of Alexandre Aja here truly in any form cross-border to the canvas, is such a monster of a film, such a predator, as it has not seen before in this form as the cinema. MANIAC actually dares. Forces the viewer to experience all the very sight of his maniacal killer out.Forcing him quite pure, wrapped it tightly with his pale, sweaty skin. Let him share his greedy look on passing strolling woman’s body, his estimation, his perseverance to be able to strike only at the moment, endure


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