Download Nailbiter 2013 Free Movie

Director:  Patrick Rea

Stars: Jason Coffman, Emily Boresow and Joicie Appell

Releasing Date: 28 May 2013

Plot: Nailbiter is a new released Horror and thriller film. The releasing date of this film is 28 May 2013. The IMDb rating of this film is 4.5 out of 10. It is directed by Patrick Rea. It is written by two writers Patrick Rea and Kendal Sinn. It is featuring Jason Coffman, Emily Boresow and Joicie Appell. Download Nailbiter 2013 Free Movie with good audio and video quality. Naibiter full movie download with good downloading speed along their screenshot or movie trailer.Everything starts when a mother with three daughters, and while a devastating tornado is imminent, begins drive to the airport to meet her husband who returns home after the war. As always happens in such cases, the weather anticipate and thus forced to seek protection in a farmhouse. Disappeared with the owners and the tornado over APTA heads, resorting to the basement shelter of the house, until you pass the first wave of the storm. But when the storm subsides, in their effort to open the door of the shelter, realize that is blocked a tree, and the worst, that those who stay at home do not seem at all willing to help. scared and defenseless will try to find a solution to their problem and a way to communicate with the outside world. The attack but will accept a from small daughters by a mysterious creature would subvert their plans and will make you realize that the struggle for survival will be unexpectedly difficult.


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