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Director: Danny Boyle
Stars: James McAvoy, Vincent Cassel, Rosario Dawson
Release Date:27 March 2013 (UK)

Trance 2013 Movie Synopsis: Franck ( Vincent Cassel ) and his accomplices steal believe an array of great value without realizing that the auctioneer Simon ( James McAvoy ) has had time to steal the painting during the operation. Even under torture, it is unable to say more at Franck due to a blow on the head received during the flight. A hypnotist ( Rosario Dawson ) is then recruited to help the amnesiac to recover memory. From Our site you can download online movies similar to trance for free. Trance begins as a film turning smoothly conducted.Quickly Danny Boyle confirms that it has both firmly rooted in genre films and shows is not stingy with twists feet. In filmmaker smart, he adds amnesia and charming hypnotist ( Rosario Dawson , very charming), which allows it, making us enter the world of capricious memories, to make it possible. Some aspect of the film are also reminiscent Side Effect recently seen this year (amnesia, a charming therapist, a multitude of surprises reserved for spectators), but the graphics processing is itself very different. While Steven Soderbergh opted for a slow style and hovering almost perfectly suited to his subject, Danny Boyle is having a heart joy in showy. This will not do in lace combined with a scenario that takes pleasure in collecting unlikely twists could eventually tire … but the director has talent. The pleasure he takes in film as well as its players and its excesses eventually be communicative, and we let ourselves be lulled with pleasure by his images. Certainly Trance will not remain as a great Boyle , but it is undeniably entertaining quality used by a filmmaker who enjoys taking us a little anywhere. Its leaders booths are Rosario Dawson and Vincent Cassel , both as talented as having a strong erotic beauty potential, we can only accept the trip.Download Trance 2013 Movie For free From Links Below.

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