Download Identity Thief 2013 Movie

Director: Seth Gordon

Stars: Sandy Bigelow Patterson and Diana

Releasing Date: 10 May 2013

Plot: This is a new released Comedy movie Hollywood. It was released on 8 February 2013. You can Download Full Movies from Hollywood and Bollywood in few seconds from the download links we provide for movies.Download Identity Thief 2013 Movie with high quality prints.In “Identity Thief” we are introduced to Diana (Melissa McCarthy), a lonely woman who buys everything you want to feel happier. The problem is that these purchases were made through exacerbating a false identity that actually belongs to Sandy Bigelow Patterson, an accountant who lives across the United States. Upon discovering this fraud, Sandy is perplexed and discovers she has only a week to catch the crook and force her to confess all their crimes, otherwise your whole world will collapse. The correct accounting is done then the road to confront the woman who has an unlimited access pass to his life, but many bribes and illegal adventures will show you how important it is to recover your name without resorting to petty attitudes. 

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