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Director: Glenn Ciano

Stars: Michael Madsen, Christy Romano and William Forsythe

Releasing Date: 9 April 2013

Plot: Infected is Newly released Action, Sci Fi and Horror movie in English from Hollywood.The story concept is by Glenn Ciano, who is also its director.Main Stars in this Horror movie are  Michael Madsen, Christy Romano and William Forsythe.It is a story about a deadly virus which infects people and spread from one person to another. A group of hunters came under its influence which led them to turn into monsters.Same virus makes a Father and son to take each others life when the virus struck them.The movie is rated R for its bloody violence.Below links will help you in Download Infected 2013 DVD RIP Free Movie. You may also download free films with such violence from our movie database.Infected Movie Online (AKA Invasion alien) (TV) (2008) Spanish A rare epidemic is spreading at an alarming rate.Industries Whitefield, one of the distributors of food and water more importantly, is helping to fight it distributing organic food and pure water. Reporters Ben Wallace Mosher and Lisa try to find out who or what is behind this rare conspiracy, but the truth can be terrifying.

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