Kill for Me 2013 DVD Rip

Director: Michael Greenspan

Stars: Katie Cassidy, Shannon Chan-Kent, Torrance Coombs

Releasing Date: 12 February 2013

Plot: It is an Drama and Thriller movie directed by Michael Greenspan and it features Katie Cassidy, Shannon Chan-Kent and Torrance Coombs.It is about two roommates who takes a deadly decision to help each other with their problems. One of them is fed up from her ex boy friend and one by her step father.So both of them plans to kill each others problem and they think that no body will know about it.  Kill for Me 2013 DVD Rip free movie download within few minutes with very fast downloading speed.  The young Amanda attempts to handle the relationship with her ​​ex-boyfriend, who abused them. Since she lives alone in her house after the separation, she is looking for a roommate to be relieved in the rental cost. Hailey she finds a perfect candidate. The young woman has just begun to attend college and has even coped with traumatic events. The two girls soon become friends and connect together a pact to want to get over the events of bygone days – no matter what it costs. As Amanda’s ex-boyfriend suddenly reappears, the situation escalates. In affect to bring the two to bully. To cover up the accidental murder, and finally conclude with their past, Hailey is now planning another murder – Specifically to her own father.


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