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Director: Sally El Hosaini

Stars: James Floyd, Fady Elsayed and Saïd Taghmaoui

Releasing Date: 9 November 2012

Plot: My Brother the Devil by the director Sally El Hosaini tells of two Arab-born brothers from the East End of London, both of which are trying to lead an independent life in the midst of drug trafficking, gang violence, and sheer hopelessness. First, none of them appear to be particularly diabolical, as the film’s title suggests: While trying the older brother Rashid his family to keep up with drug deals on water, but from the beginning is also clear that he has the heart in the right place – Whether in the cozy family context or chummy Fooling around with his band friends. The death of a close friend Rashid can always take more distance from the increasingly violent scene, while the younger brother Mon simultaneously beginning to get into the drug business. The final escalation of the simmering conflicts fires as Mo discovers that Rashid performs a homosexual relationship.My Brother the Devil 2013 DVD RIP movie download free of cost is available below.Download My Brother the Devil 2013 Free Movie just on one single click.My Brother the Devil ‘is a film about brotherly love. Mo Rashid and his two brothers of Egyptian origin living in a deprived area of ​​London. Older brother Rashid is a gang member and his brother Mo seems to want this way, but Rashid prefer that he goes to college so he can escape the harsh street life. After Rashid’s best friend is killed during a scuffle between two rival gangs life changes dramatically for both brothers. Where Rashid wakes shaken by the events and seems to opt for a different life under the influence of photographer Sayid, Mo is increasingly gripped by the gang life.When Mo makes a shocking discovery about Rashid for him the once close brothers become increasingly estranged. Mo seems this the place that Rashid has left to go take in the gang behind something his brother was to avoid the expense

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