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Director: Courtney Solomon Stars: Ethan Hawke, Selena Gomez and Jon Voight Releasing Date:  30 August 2013 Plot: The wife of a former racer, Brent Magna has been kidnapped. Her captor asked to steal a car with powerful cameras and do whatever he orders; otherwise his wife will be killed. The film is quite unintentionally comic. Several elements make no sense. […]

Download The Institute 2013 Free Movie

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Director: Spencer McCall Stars: Arye Bender, Jeff Hull and Gordon Mclaughlin Releasing Date:  11 October 2013 Plot: The Institute is an interesting documentary about an amazing topic. It had been more enthusiastic about some of the further concerns it increases, but you can’t mistake a film for having different objectives than you’d have liked. “The Institute” of the headline represents the […]